Brass Auto Parts

Brass auto banjo parts find their applications in several industries such as aerospace, plastic, electrical, telecommunication, mechanical etc. These are ideal for tubes, radiator cores, tanks and more. Brass auto banjo parts are also found in pharmaceutical and automobile industries.

Brass Components

Brass components include nozzle and worms that are utilized in a number of applications. These are made for changing the speed of shaft rotation. Brass components are mostly utilized in the applications in which the speed is low to medium.

Brass Stove Parts

Brass stove parts are used for holding metal components together and retaining effective heat. These products have polished finishing, robust construction, corrosion resistance and compact design. Brass stove parts are manufactured for fastening applications. Can be availed in different sizes and finishing.

Copper Connector

Industrial copper connectors find their applications in building construction, electronic product manufacturing and more. These are also used in the production of industrial machinery, power generation and transportation vehicles. Industrial copper connectors are appreciated for strong structure, easy usage and polished finishing.

Electrical Pins

Electrical pins aid in creating an electrical circuit. These are made up of high grade brass and stainless steel material. Electrical pins are compact in design and light in weight. The said parts are easy to install and maintain.

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